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Cups and Bowls

Preparing Food

Cups and Bowls meal prep delivery was born during the COVID-19 epidemic. There was a need in Las Vegas during one of the worst economic shocks that saw hundreds of thousands lose their jobs. Without a viable source of income to purchase quality, healthy ingredients, we decided to step up and assist the community. By volunteering at soup kitchens and community kitchens, we branched off on our own to provide a meal delivery service that is catered to the local community. We know that our customers are constantly on the go and many don't have the luxury of preparing meals for the family, so we want to help assist you in crafting delicious, portioned out meals, so you can focus on things that are more important like bonding with your family. Cups and Bowls meal prep offers pick up or timed delivery to your door, so you always have a meal prepared.


We also offer drinks and snacks that accompany each meal. Select our add-ons to receive fine crafted teas from the best tea leaves and carefully assorted snacks and desserts that pair nicely with your meal. All of our food and drinks are made with the freshest ingredients and we source them locally, whenever possible. Our mission is to continue to support the local community as we become #VegasStronger together! Try one of our meals and you'll soon start to save more time to spend with your friends and family. 

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